Soundproofing a floor can be a confusing project for many people. Plenty of companies offer cheap 'soundproof' matting or 'soundproof' underlay which may help with your impact sound travelling down, but won’t stop the airborne sound you hear coming up from downstairs. If you wish to soundproof a floor properly then the acoustic underlay or matting you choose needs to be properly acoustically assessed. We always recommend acoustic insulation between the floors if possible - this is where you will eliminate the most airborne noise. Please have a look through our simple guide on how to soundproof a floor below, which offers carefully chosen solutions to what is a common problem. And don’t forget just using a simple light spongy rubber mat quoting high acoustic performance will be of little value to you on its own.

Floor Soundproofing

When it comes to soundproofing your floor for noise, it is important to establish what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to stop noise from below reaching you, or are you trying to eradicate your impact noise passing down to your neighbours?

In practice, most people are aiming at stopping the sounds from below traveling upwards. Many products on the market boast great soundproofing credentials (particularly rubber mat or underlay solutions) but the figures quoted are almost always referring to a reduction in impact sound and are of very little use in identifying how much airborne sound is being reduced (which is often the source of the noise problem).
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Firstly, decide if you want to soundproof under your floor boards or above them (or both).

Your decision on how you attempt to soundproof your floor will be driven by two factors. Firstly on how much hassle you want to go to in terms of lifting floorboards and secondly, how much floor height gain you can afford. When soundproofing a floor think about this as our floor soundproofing solutions broadly fall into two categories: below the floor access, and above the floor access. Next click on the button below to compare our solutions.
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Each solution page also has a comparison table associated with it. This is designed to show how each solution compares in terms of performance, cost and amount of space lost when using that solution.

Click here for a comparison table of all the solutions we offer. Remember the table is interactive and will lead you to a more detailed description of each solution. Or you can click on any links on the right of the page to go straight to the relevant page.
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Each of our floor soundproofing solutions has a calculator associated with it. These are designed to allow you to work out the cost of the materials delivered direct to your door. Look for the calculator icon!
Our Solutions
Hassle free solution
Fitting above the floor boards, this slim, very effective system combats both impact and airborne sound. Its unique, award winning German technology is the most effective product on the market at stopping rising airborne sound from below.
Laminate floor soundproofing
A specialist acoustic 6mm rubber mat offering great impact protection for those wanting to install engineered or laminate floors. This acoustic underlay will dramatically reduce the impact produced by your floors. To improve airborne sound, we recommend you combine this with Tecsound 70 acoustic membrane.
Floating Floor Solution
Monarfloor is a composite tongue and groove floating floor system consisting of a layer foam bonded with a high performance water based adhesive to moisture resistant MDF. An acoustic overlay system for timber or concrete floors designed for projects where the increase in floor level has to be kept to a minimum.
Discrete under floorboard solution
A solution for those who wish to deaden the noise rising from below, but are keen to keep the work hidden below floor level. Combining acoustic mineral wool, high density plasterboards, acoustic mastic and Tecsound acoustic membrane, this solution offers comprehensive protection at a reasonable price.
Impact noise reduction
Introducing a springy layer to the floor is key to reducing your impact sound. Absorbalay is a premium rubber mat with a dense foam core. It is a highly effective impact sound reducer that can be overlaid with hard floors. Furthermore its high mass combats airborne sound transfer too.
Starting from scratch
If you are happy to install high density chipboard instead of floor boards, and wish to create an impact reducing floating floor, we offer the ideal solution: cement impregnated chipboards with joist caps and acoustic mineral wool.
When space is at a premium
Underfloor hanger are an ideal solution to floor insulation when there is no scope to lose space from the room - for example, if you have low ceilings already.