Soundstop offer soundproofing and sound insulation.

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Our strong connections with soundproofing product manufacturers combined with our large volume purchasing power mean that we are independent and offer specialist soundproofing products direct to public and tradesmen at exceptional prices. For customers in the London area we have an experienced team of fitter.

Soundproofing your home might be cheaper than you think.

We have created soundproofing solutions for the most common types of noise problem. Our three most popular systems are:-

Walls - Our slim wall soundproofing solutions start at under £400, and will drastically reduce your noise problems.

Floors- If you are troubled by neighbour noise from below we can offer a clean fast remedy with our SBX boards, definately DIY-able

    Ceilings- Did you know you can soundproof your ceiling with just 60mm height loss and virtually no mess ?

    Upgrade existing structures to regulation E 

    "The room is now my ‘own space’ and I don't hear the neighbours in the lounge of the flat above any longer."

    "The improvement is immense, I can sometimes hear the family faintly if I am awake, but I am never woken by them now."

    "Background noise really reduced - you have to press your ear against the wall to hear anything! It's great to have some privacy!"

    "The results are outstanding. There is no way I’m letting my neighbour know... they will probably be even noisier than before."
    Our soundproofing and acoustic insulation products offer homeowners affordable sound insulation from the common problem of domestic noise pollution and noisy neighbours.

    Without adequate acoustic insulation or soundproofing many people have their privacy constantly invaded by noisy neighbours.