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Soundproofing and Sound Insulation; How to build a soundproof wall, floor or ceiling

soundproofing walls
From easy fit "stick on" soundproofing boards to full independent wall sound insulation.
Many of our solutions are relatively simple to install needing only DIY skills. We also have a very reliable fitting service in London Contact 01737373463
regulation E
solutions upgrade existing structures to regulation E
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soundproofing floors
Soundproofing projects to solve impact and airbourne noise pollution issues.
soundproofing ceilings
Make your ceiling into a soundproof barrier against noisy upstairs neighbours.

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Soundproofing solutions for just about everything!

Our soundproofing and acoustic insulation products offer homeowners affordable sound insulation from the common problem of domestic noise pollution and noisy neighbours. Without adequate acoustic insulation or soundproofing many people have their privacy constantly invaded by noisy neighbours. This soundproofing problem can occur in any type of attached house, but most commonly;-
  • In flats converted from large houses where no attempt has been made to provide soundproofing.
  • Where the sound or acoustic insulation in their building is poor.
People are bothered by their neighbours for a number of reasons, but the most common reasons are
  • They are unusually sensitive to noise
  • Their noisy neighbour behaves unreasonably

Soundstop is a specialist UK soundproofing company

We provide expert advice on domestic sound proofing issues as well as regulation E advice for flat conversions. We sell all the materials necessary for all the solutions either on line, or over the phone with the sole aim of making your home a more peaceful place. We deliver all over mainland UK, normally within 48 to 72 hours. We also have team of fitters based in the London area.

Soundproof your home- It maybe much cheaper than you think.

While many people hear noises such as raised voices and occasional loud music, it is unusual for you to be able to hear sound from a television or that of a conversation. If these sounds often invade your privacy then soundproofing is likely to offer a significant improvement to the quality of life in your home. By reducing the amount of noise pollution you suffer. Have a look at these case studies of other SoundStop customers to see how their quality of life has been improved as a direct result of the increased sound insulation provided by our products.
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To make selecting wall soundproofing easy we provide a series of wall soundproofing solutions.

A video guide

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Our floor soundproofing solutions target impact and airborne noise pollution problems.

  • We have very heavy duty rubber mats to soundproof floors.
  • Our acoustic joist caps are ideal for cutting sound transmission through floor joists.
  • Our SBx boards are an easy under the carpet solution to reduce impact and airborne sound transmission between two flats. When used in conjunction with Tecsound 50 membrane it is the best slim line combination we know to stop airborne sound transmission.
  • Laminate floors can be effectively and cheaply soundproofed with our Isosonic mat which relieves impact sound and improves room acoustics.
  • We stock industry leading floating floor systems in the form of the monarfloor deck 18, deck 9 and Trideck
  • Should you wish to effect floor soundproofing beneath your floor we have a solution for that.

Soundproofing Ceilings

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We offer three ceiling soundproofing systems for ceilings that will restore peace and quiet to your home.

Select the "soundproof my wall" link below for more details on each wall soundproof project option and to get live pricing for your wall dimensions.
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Select the "soundproof my floor" link below for more details on each floor soundproof project option and to get live pricing for your floor dimensions.
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Select the "soundproof my ceiling" link below for details on each ceiling soundproof project option and to get live pricing for your ceiling dimensions.
soundproof my wall
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soundproof my floor
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soundproof my ceiling
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Soundproofing products direct to professionals.

Our strong connections with soundproofing product manufacturers combined with our large volume purchasing power mean that we are independent and offer specialist soundproofing products direct to public and tradesmen at exceptional prices.

Special Situation advice

Advice on soundproofing a garage to create a music studio

Reducing echo in a large hall or room.

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