Ceiling soundproofing often appears a daunting task. However, rest assured, you can soundproof a ceiling with little mess and disruption. In addition, the cost of soundproofing a ceiling might be less than you think. Our simple guide below will help you navigate through to the right ceiling sound proofing solution for you. Our solutions can lose as little as just 25mm of ceiling height.

Ceiling Soundproofing

Ceiling soundproofing is often the only option available to people living below noisy neighbours. We offer 4 soundproofing solutions which vary in terms of performance, particularly with reference to the impact sound (footfall) which you are receiving from above.

You can either;

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  2. we can help you choose which type is most suitable for you by following the steps below.

What's best for you?
Decide Type
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In general, the more ceiling height you can afford to lose, the greater the acoustic improvement. We try to strike a balance between ceiling height loss and soundproofing performance. Click on step 2 below to compare our solutions.
Compare Solutions
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Each solution page we offer also has a comparison table associated with it. This is designed to show how each solution compares in terms of performance and the amount of space lost when using that solution.

Click here for a comparison table of all the solutions we offer. Remember the table is interactive and will lead you to a more detailed description of each solution.
Calculate Costs
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Each of our floor soundproofing solutions has a solution calculator associated with it, often with upgrade options available. These calculators are designed to allow you to work out the cost of the materials delivered direct to your door. Choose the calculator for the solution you are interested in from the menu on the right..
Our Solutions
Top Rated Suspended Ceiling
The GenieClip system is a suspended ceiling soundproofing solution. It offers the maximum performance improvement of our suspended ceiling options. Customers can choose to retain their existing ceilings or remove them. This award winning Canadian technology, is fast winning over converts in the UK.
Ultra slimline solution
Where Ceiling height loss is an issue we recommend the use of Genie clip LB3 for high performance or an effective budget solution using resilient bars. The LB3 offer higher performance and just 3mm ceiling height loss the resilient bars just 16mm.
Old Ceiling Retained
An excellent solution for those who wish to retain their existing ceiling This cuts down considerably on mess. In the case of lathe and plaster ceiling the original ceiling is often a good airborne soundproofer in its own right., so retention of the ceiling is often a good idea.
16mm Depth - Slim Line
While not the performance of the Genie Clip system resilient bars offer an effective method of sound proofing especially in areas where height loss is a concern. The resilient bar depth is just 16mm .
Maximum Performance
If you can afford to lose 7 or more inches (18cm) off your existing ceiling height then this ceiling soundproofing solution provides the best performance from an an airborne and impact perspective. The new ceiling would now hang from a new set of joists.