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Soundproof Doors

Custom Acoustic Doors

Our acoustic doors tested to the British Standards from RW30dB to RW44dB complying with Approved Document E, Standard Specifications, Layouts and Dimensions 7 – Internal Doorsets in Schools and Health Technical Memorandum 08-01: Acoustics.

Where higher acoustic ratings are required we are able to offer rated acoustic doors up to Rw44dB manufactured using specialist acoustic cores allowing a one stop solution.

  • Rw30-36dB on standard products
  • Extended performance up to Rw44dB
  • Bespoke sizes and finishes
  • Veneer pairs book matched as standard
  • FSC® Chain of Custody certification if required
  • Antibacterial lacquer as standard
  • Supply and manufacture from one UK source

Sound proofing basics

When it comes to soundproofing, it is important to establish what you are trying to achieve. Are you trying to stop noise from outside reaching you, or are you trying to eradicate your noise passing out to your neighbours?

In practice, most people are aiming at stopping the sounds from reaching them. Many products on the market boast great soundproofing credentials but the figures quoted are almost always referring to a reduction in impact sound and are of very little use in identifying how much airborne sound is being reduced, which is key with doorways.

Our products focus on this airborne noise, to give you the best experience.

A very important note on getting the right product.

As a consumer, comparing different products from different companies is very hard.

While we talk about improvement in decibels in all our tables many other companies will state a single figure for their products which is often in excess of 40 or even 50db. It is really important to understand that these figures invariably refer to the performance of a whole room soundproofing structure, and this will include a standardised floor and ceiling that will already be quite well soundproofed. There is no single product in existence, to our knowledge that will provide in excess of 40 dB when added to a standard floor ceiling divide ( plasterboard ceiling and wooden floor).

An important word about regulation E (the sound test required for conversions). We have a dedicated regulation E web site The figures in the above tables do not take into account Ctr corrections so do not attempt to create an off the shelf solution for regulation E.

More info when making a comparison of our products with others:

Please note that the figures that we provide refer to improvement over the average system as opposed to the performance data of the product in isolation (typically this is impact sound numbers). By this we refer to products that can be lab tested in a way that the product is tested on its own, which can give little indication how it performs in a real world situation (i.e. on your floor).

This is a very important distinction to understand and is confusing to a lot of people. Almost all our competitors will state the performance of the product either in isolation or include the existing floor, wall or ceiling construction within their numbers. This will exaggerate the true benefit of their products.


Key Points:

  • We have partnered with one of the countries premier acoustic door manufacturers
  • Single and double leaf doors available
  • Custom made to order, with a variety of finishes to choose from
  • Contact us on 020 3893 3441 to discuss your requirements

Acoustic Doors

Acoustic Doors


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Soundproof Doors Sound Insulation performance table

Door Depth Gain Total system Performance airborne Typical Airborne Improvement Typical Impact Improvement

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