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Wall Solution 5 -Upgrading and soundproofing a stud wall

Cross-section of a soundproofed stud wall

Electrical Sockets

If you are thinking of refitting electrical sockets back into the wall. you might be advised to line your electrical boxes with  our acoustic putty. Remember a 1% hole in your soundproofing surface can reduce performance of your soundproofing by up to 10%. Lining your plug sockets will go some way to reducing this leakage.

Sound proofing basics

When soundproofing a wall it is necessary to improve three basic components.

  1. The mass of the wall- This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard. 
  2. The Resilience of the wall- This is the springiness of the wall. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact. Here the use of the resilient bar is vital as it will greatly enhance the performance of the plasterboards. For even greater resilient perfromance Genie clips should be considered. 
  3. The sound "absorbency" of the wall. By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the wall. The most cost effective method is the use of acoustic mineral wool.
  4. A fourth component that can be added is a barrier component. A membrane that acts to block the sound but not by mass alone. For most of our systems we offer Tecsound 50 as a cost effective method of upgrading any soundproofing system.

Understanding Performance

Below you will see a performance table.

The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to the performance of an average wall with soundproofing materials added

We also give an indication of performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the wall. So 20dB would indicate a 75% Improvement over and above the original wall. 

The GenieClip™ 
For those customers wanting to incorporate the highest performance materials into their soundproofing projects we introduce The GenieClip™ solution. The GenieClip™ is a very high performance solution that provides the best single component we know of when soundproofing a wall. The clip itself outperforms a resilient bar by around 7 dB, an impressive amount.

Soundproofing a stud wall is simple and cost effective. It involves removing one face of a stud wall and applying the soundproofing materials described below.

Typically stud walls are built with physical separation of a room in mind. There is little consideration given to the acoustic performance of that wall. In many cases the wall will simply be constructed of 12.5mm plasterboard either side of a 50mm stud frame. To upgrade and soundproof the wall you will need to remove the original plasterboard from one of the faces of the stud wall.

Key Points:

  1. Stud wall Soundproofing in a slim and effective way
  2. Soundproofing Kit delivered direct to your door
  3. A very DIY-able upgrade
  4. Online calculator will work out your exact requirements

Download Fitting Instructions Fitting Instructions

Stud Wall Soundproofing soundproofing performance table

Wall Depth Gain Total system Performance airborne Typical Airborne Improvement
50mm stud.
50mm stud. SBx Upgrade
50mm stud. Tecsound 50 Upgrade
75mm stud. Tecsound 50 Upgrade
100mm stud. Tecsound 50 Upgrade
75mm stud.
75mm stud. SBx Upgrade
100mm stud.
100mm stud. SBx Upgrade

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