Wall soundproofing performance table

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Each solution has many variations, so we have shown a handy range of performances so you can get an overview of how effective each solution is.
We try and give an indication of range of performance but if you click the expand button you can see each solution in detail.

Wall Depth Gain Total system Performance airborne Typical Airborne Improvement Cost Indicator
EXPAND Existing Stud Wall Upgrade 25mm - 30mm 44 dB - 56 dB 13 dB - 25 dB ( compared to 50mm Stud)
EXPAND GenieClip and Stud Wall 124 mm - 203mm 64 dB - 74 dB Best for low frequency sounds 26 dB - 35 dB
EXPAND GenieClip Direct to Wall 63mm - 68mm 51dB - 56dB 13dB - 18dB
EXPAND Independent Stud Wall 107mm - 159mm 59dB - 66dB 22dB - 32dB
EXPAND SM20 Rubber Panels 43mm - 45mm 56 dB - 61 dB 16 dB - 20 dB
EXPAND Ultra Slim Wall - - -
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