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Ultra slim wall

Ultra slim soundproofing with Tecsound and plasterboard

Tecsound 50 Slim wall Soundproofing - How it works
Where customers have almost no space available for soundproofing we have introduced a new, very slim line solution. We would always recomend the SM20 solution for those who can afford the space. This lack of space is often associated with hallways or where doors / windows are very close to the wall to be soundproofed.

2 Methods are possible
The first uses two layers of Tecsound and two plasterboards. The Tecsound is stuck to the party wall and a  layer of plasterboard screwed to that wall, this is lined with a 2nd layer of Tecsound. A second plasterboard is then added to this. Creating the set up shown above.

Or Slimmer still.
By combining a single layer of 15mm plasterboard with two layers of our high performance tecsound acoustic membrane we believe we have created a cost effective and slim line solution.The solution is relatively simple to install with a layer of self adhesive Tecsound being stuck to the existing wall and a second layer being added to a layer of acoustic plasterboard. The Plasterboard is presented to the tecsound lined wall and then screwed through to the original wall.

This is a brand new and as yet un-lab tested solution.  So we can only go on the feed back of clients, in a domestic environment. Please see the Customer review tab at the top of the page. On the basis of their comments we feel the product is up rating the wall by at least 12/14 db.

The combination of two layers of dense visco-elastic tecsound membrane and the weight of the plasterboard acts as an effective solution for blocking sound across the party wall with absolutely minimal space loss. Where possible adding further mass in the form of another plasterboard layer will enhance this solution.

Don't forget to soundproof your plug sockets too. You can find out more in this article.

Sound proofing basics

When soundproofing a wall it is necessary to improve three basic components.

  1. The mass of the wall- This is normally achieved by adding acoustic plasterboard and high density products such as Tecsound 50. 
  2. The Resilience of the wall- This is the springiness of the wall. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact. The Tecsound 50 acts as resilience and mass. 
  3. The sound "absorbancy" of the wall. By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the wall-

The Tecsound 50 slim wall provides a moderate level of soundproofing where the space is very tight. It is important to realise that simply putting acoustic plasterboard direct to the wall offers virtually no improvement as you require resilience and absorbancy which in this case is provided by the Tecsound 50. The addtion of Tecsound 50 will help reduce the resonance passing into the plasterbaords.

Understanding Performance
Below you will see a performance table. The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to the performance of an average wall with soundproofing materials added

We also give an indication of acoustic performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the wall. So 20dB would indicate a 75% Improvement over and above the original wall.

Electrical Sockets

If you are thinking of refitting electrical sockets back into the wall. You might be advised to line your electrical boxes with acoustic putty.

Further Information

Dry lining Plasterboard to a smooth decorate-able finish
We are often asked what is the final finish and do I need a plasterer? We provide all the materials necessary to achieve a smooth decorate-able finish. Please see video below on dry-lining. The wall you end with will be similar in appearance to the video. We supply the finishing compound that allows you to achieve a smooth wall without plastering. All items are automatically added when you press the blue calculator.

The best results for soundstop panels are achieved with solid brick party walls. Breeze block walls may suffer from flanking transmission problems so any soundproofing treatments require an assessment of this possible difficulty Flanking Transmission problems.

A note on fireplaces
We are frequently asked whether it is necessary to run wall soundproofing around the chimney breast on a party wall? While there is no definitive answer on this question, we are of the opinion that soundproofing the alcoves either side is usually sufficient. This is because chimneys are typically constructed to be fire and smoke proof and are at least of double brick construction, whereas the walls either side, the alcoves, maybe poorly constructed and of single brick. Of course there are exceptions, but in the majority of cases you can reduce your labour and time considerably by just doing the alcoves. Due to the acoustic nature of stud walls and timber framed walls we would recommend a different set of treatments when upgrading these walls as described in solution 5 stud wall soundproofing. Example results based on typical party wall construction of 100mm brick wall (45-47db)

So for example after fitting double tecsound and plasterboard your wall could have a 60 db rating, which is an excellent level of acoustic privacy. Remember these are average figures across a range of frequencies. In practice all sound proofing works better at higher frequencies. Our solution is designed to be fitted to just your side of the wall. If you can install to the other side (the neighbours side) of the wall you will experience an even greater acoustic privacy. See our case studies


Key Points:

  1. Our slimmest fitting wall soundproofing solution 
  2.  A very DIY-able stick on Solution 
  3.  Tecsound 50 and plasterboard finish from just 18mm thick 
  4.  Online calculator will work out your exact requirements 
  5. Soundproofing kit delivered to your door in 48 hours


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Ultra Slim Wall Sound Insulation performance table

Wall Depth Gain Total system Performance airborne Typical Airborne Improvement
Super Slim Tecsound + Plasterboard Double Plasterboard Upgrade

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Solution Reviews

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Suprisingly it worked

We went with this solution based on the fact we had literally no space in which to sound proof. It was a bit of a hassle pre drilling the walls. As we had to put raw plugs into the wall first. The tecsound was very sticky and quite tricky to deal with. Definately a two man job. We reckon that cutting into smaller pices was much easier. Soundstop did say that this was untested but we felt that we needed something in the hallway. Yes we can still hear sounds but it is much less than before. base on our low expectations we are happy to say it worked for us.
Reviewed by:
21st Jan 2016


We had very little room to play with and so we decided to sound proof the wall with tow products that we found on the web. The Tecsound 50 we had heard very good things about and we knew that coustic plasterbaord on its own wouldnt do much.I stuck a layer of teh stecsound 50 driect to the wall tehn I stuck a 2nd layer onto the back of a piece of acoustic plasterbaord 15mm thick. We then strewed the the lined plasterbaord to the wall. Crossed our fingers and wiaited to see if it worked. it did! There was a noticable difference in the sound penetetration in the wall and given we only lost 20mm we were chuffed with the result. Soundstop asked us to write a review so here we are.
Reviewed by:
19th May 2015

Happy with the End result

I contacted Soundstop with a problem. We had what i believed to be a sixties type build. It was the honeycomb type block work. However I had less than 20mm to work with due to door frames. Soundstop provided the Tecsound and 1 layer of plasterboard. We were warned that one layer just might not be enough. The work was done and we believe its done a pretty good job. Before we could here talking easily and sneezing. However now we don't really hear the talking and the only thing we hear is a much more distant and muffled cough. The company managed our expectation well and we will continue in another room with this system.
Reviewed by:
11th Apr 2018

Slim Line OK

I found it hard to actually find this solution online. The goods turned up on time and in Ok shape. We managed to do the small area we wanted to do in a day. I would say the results are OK. But we were warned that this was an untried solution. I dont have much experience of soundproofing so not sure what to compare it with.
Reviewed by:
17th Aug 2017