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Soundproof Ceiling Solution 3

Resilient Bars- Soundproofing Ceilings with minimal height loss

Diagram of resilient bars attached to ceiling joistsDiagram of resilient bars attached to ceiling joists



  • Delivery direct to your door within 48 hours

  • A slim fitting ceiling soundproofing soundproofing solution

  • A very DIY-able Solution

  • Resilient Bars at just 16mm involves minimal space loss

  • Our Online Calculator will work out your requirements

How it works.

Where you are constrained by height issues the choice of a resilient bar ceiling maybe your only practical choice when soundproofing a ceiling. With this solution will lose just over an inch ( 35mm) from your original ceiling height.

The resilient bar, or sound breaker bar works by decoupling the new suspended ceiling from the joists. The new ceiling is in effect floating off the joists via lightweight corrugated steel bars. The sound is absorbed as it travels through the corrugated flange of the resilient bar. ( For a significantly higher performance see our Genie Clip solution)

The use of resilient bars or acoustic hangers in ceiling constructions significantly improves the acoustic performance of a ceiling soundproofing project both from the impact and airborne perspective. We offer two upgrades to the basic ceiling one is by adding Tecsound 50 and the second using 10mm SBx boards

The removal of an old ceiling sounds a little daunting is in effect very easy to do. The only drawback is that it is a messy job. Resilience bars are attached to the joists perpendicular to the run of the joists at 400mm centres. Acoustic mineral wool placed up in between the joists. Finally a double layer of acoustic plasterboard is attached to the ceiling, the perimeter being sealed with acoustic mastic. Advice on finding a fitter


Calculate your soundproofing costsCalculate your soundproofing costsCalculate your soundproofing costs

Soundproofing fitting instructions


Sound proofing basics

When soundproofing a ceiling it is necessary to improve three basic components.

1) The mass of the ceiling- This is normally achieved by adding two layers of acoustic plasterboard and high density wool. The SBx upgrade further enhances this by the addition of even more resilient mass

2) The Resilience of the wall- This is the springiness of the ceiling. Without this, the addition of the mass will have very little impact. Resilient Bars offer are a slim cost effective method of achieving resilience. Leaving out the resilient layer will very materially reduce the soundproofing.

3) The sound "absorbency" of the ceiling. By adding different components the sound gets trapped more easily within the ceiling; here we prescribe the use of AMW60 100mm.

For customers looking to insulate noisy pipes please see our acoustic pipe wrap.

Understanding Performance

To the right you will see a performance table.

The total performance which is normally quoted on most sites refers to the performance of an average wall with soundproofing materials added

We also give an indication of performance uplift. Remember that every 10dB of performance uplift corresponds to roughly a 50% improvement in the performance of the wall. So 20dB would indicate a 75% Improvement over and above the original wall.

Important note on recessed lights

If you are adding recessed spotlights in this ceiling you will need to add an acoustic fire retardant light hood to each light, otherwise your soundproofing efforts will be severely compromised due to the hole you have created. These can be purchased from our on-line store. Spotlight hoods


Soundproofing ceiling solution Ceiling Height loss (inc plastb'd) Total System Performance Airborne Rw Airborne sound
Improvement dB Rw
Impact Sound*
(Improvement dB Average)
66mm 52 dB Rw   21dB+
Genie Clip LB3 28mm 52 dB Rw   21dB 19dB
90mm 49 dB Rw   18dB+ 16dB
30mm 44 dB Rw   14dB+ 13dB
~205mm/ 8 inches 59 dB Rw   23dB+
The action of the SBx board materially improves the performance of all solutions with particular emphasis on airborne sound. Improving it by around 8db over and above the stated performance.
*Please note figures stated for total system are based on a a timber joist ceiling floor construction with 200mm joist. The figures are Lab figures and are Ctr corrected. So are not comparable to regulation E Systems. The improvement figures state improvement over a regular timber floor and plasterboard ceiling.

Sound Stop refers to Db improvement when it compares any of its systems. This we hope is an informative way of telling the customer what kind of improvement they will get when they add a soundproofing system. Many competitor sites and products will boast much higher numbers but be aware these are often referring to a complete system which include the original surface. This often leads to confusion when trying to compare systems. We are an independent site and as such will try to sell only the most effective solutions available in the market today.





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