Soundstop Price Promise

We’re confident we offer the best prices on the net, but if you think one of our competitors is cheaper then call us on 0208 123 9710 and we’ll match or probably beat their offer.

We constantly trawl the net for prices, so you don’t have to. We check all our prices regularly against our competitors to make sure we offer the best price. Should you be offered one of our stocked items and they have it for immediate delivery we will match or beat their delivered price. This way you can feel comfortable knowing you are getting the best deal when shopping with us.

Criteria for price match

The product being checked is identical to the one we sell and in the same order size
The product must be in stock with the competitor and available for delivery within 48 hours
The product is in stock with us
Minimum quantities may apply
We can verify the offer, so we kneed to know who is offering the price.

If you think you have found it cheaper then, dont be shy, give us a call letting us know what you found.

This offer applies to the following stock items

The Genie Clip range
SM20 panels
The Tecsound Range
Isosonic Range
SBX range
Steptile range
Isosonic range