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We hope the soundstop site will answer most of your questions , remember there are online calculators for each of the solutions as well as comparison tables comparing each of the solutions. SoundStop as a UK soundproofing specialists are happy to discuss your noise problems, and have friendly experienced staff available to asses the right soundproofing solution for your individual circumstances. Should you require support, experienced technical advice or wish to place an order please contact the relevant department below:

Regulation E
A guide to regulation E solutions can be found at Please note that our London fitting service and South West UK fitting service can now guarantee regulation E work. Please contact them directly for more info.

General information: 
Technical Enquiries: 

Mon- Fri 9.00 a.m-5.00 p.m. 

Our London fitting service
Soundproofing UK (Robert Rogers)
0794 3833022  (mobile) 
0173 737 3463 (office)

Our Brighton/ Sussex fitting service 
Soundproofing UK (Robert Rogers)
0173 737 3463 (office)

Other Fitters 
Bristol Soundproofing (Nick Gibb)
075900 40104

Newcastle Soundproofing ( Darrin Pate)
075900 40104

Regulation E Testing 
RJ Acoustics (Robert Joselyn) 
01923 518 923 All Areas (Testing only) 

Airtight Noise Check (Mike Vine)
08450 666 966 Southhampton Hampshire/ Berkshire 

Delivery times can be specified when you order on line and are within 72 hours. If you are in a hurry please call sales direct. Delivery is NATIONWIDE & usually FREE if the order is over £250*. Sadly we are unable to process orders under £170 .  Please note that prices shown do not include VAT. Please see Delivery Page for details 

*Certain marked items may attract carriage 

Please Note 
Registered Office Handel House 95 High St Middlesex HA8 7DB Company Number 04657268  We do not hold any stock or samples at this address. All comunications should be via email. We distribute nationwide.  Our recommended London based soundproofing fitting service contact Robert Rogers; Tel. 0794 3833022 or 01737 373463