Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

Tecsound 50 Self Adhesive

Tecsound SY50 self adhesive

Technical Information
Unit Price £58.75
Size 7.38m2 - 6.05m x 1.22m
Type Self adhesive
Category Tecsound

Product Summary

Tecsound 50SY is a self adhesive acoustic membrane with an impressive performance. It is extremely flexible and improves both airborne and impact passage of sound. It is a high density, polymer based synthetic soundproofing membrane providing excellent acoustic insulation in different construction elements. Because it is self adhesive and very flexible, it is very easy to use, an therefore has numerous applications. Tecsoud50SY is self extinguishing and fire resistant.

Product Application

Tecsound 50SY is perfect for use on walls and ceilings, due to the fact that is self adhesive. Where further performance is required it is a simple matter to layer the product twice or more depending on the level of performance required.

Instructions for use

Due to its flexible and self adhesive qualities, Tecsound 50 SY has many uses. Simply peal off the backing film and apply to clean, dry surfaces requiring soundproofing.


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