Joist Isolation Strip 50mm

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Product Summary

The Soundstop Joist Isolation Strip is the first acoustic joist treatment which combines low cost with effective sound attenuation.

The isolation strip is made from over 90% recycled rubber, moulded in a dense material to give superior soundproofing performance.
The isolation strip profile also includes a self-adhesive backing which sticks tightly to a rough cut or planed standard nominal 50mm joist resulting in a stable floating floor surface, completely isolated from the rest of the structure. The product is also available in a 100mm width, allowing it to be used on walls to isolate wooden stud structure.

The top contact surface optimises the acoustic attenuation properties of the rubber. By moving the mass layer above the resilient layer the floating element forms a stiffer structure spreading the load and lessening the diaphragm affect, whilst the resilient layer acts to dampen and absorb the sound energy.

Technical Specifications

Size 50mm x 5mm x 10m
Thickness 5mm
Density / Weight 725kg/m3
Type 50mm
Unit Price (ex VAT) £12.49
Unit Price (inc VAT) £14.99
Category Flooring Products

Product Application

Where you are looking to create a floating floor working directly off joists then the isolation strip is a very cost effective means of doing so.

The isolation strip fit snugly onto the existing joists up to a width of 50mm. A floating tongue and groove floor (typically tongue and groove chipboard) can then be installed on top of it. We would recommend the use of angled flanking band in this set up to effectively seal the sides of the floating floor.

A superb, easy to fit, the Soundstop Joist Isolation Strip can be used in both new build and refurbishment projects for timber and masonry builds.

This product, used upside down, can also provide the resilient layer required for customers to make up their own resilient battens. 

Our experience has shown that this product will produce around 3-5 dB of improvement in sound attenuation.

Instructions for use

Care should be taken to comply with all relevant Safety and Building Regulations.

The isolation strip can be fitted from either above or below the joists and even before the joists are fitted.

Simply removed the self-adhesive backing and sit the strip over the joist ensuring the base is located tightly with the joist surface. It is advised that the joist surface is clear of dust and grime before attaching the strip as this may reduce the adhesive properties.

In all applications, our perimeter isolation strip must be used so the floating floor is fully isolated for the structural floor and walls.