19mm Plasterboard

19mm Plasterboard

19mm High Density Planc Plasterboard

Technical Information
Size 2.4m x 0.6m
Type High Density Planc
Fire Rating -
Unit Price (ex VAT) £9.95
Unit Price (inc VAT) £11.94
Category Speciality Plasterboards
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19mm High Density Planc Plasterboard 2.4m x 0.6m (COVID19 availability good, with some local exceptions) 2.4m x 0.6m £9.95 £0.00
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Product Summary

19mm plasterboard is designed to provide greater acoustic performance than regular plasterboard. This improvement comes about from the higher density gypsum based core. This greater mass helps absorb and block sound energy, giving enhanced sound insulation to any wall and ceiling. It is sufficiently tough that it is also used in flooring applications such as with underfloor hangers.

Product Application

The product can be applied to floors, walls or ceilings. It should be noted that on its own applied directly to an existing structure it will not perform to its potential. It should be used as an element in a sound proofing system.

19mm plasterboard is the preferred choice when carrying out ceiling and wall soundproofing projects. The reason for this is the board is only half the size of the standard soundbloc boards yet is higher density. Thus when carrying out ceiling soundproofing work you are using much lighter and easier to manage boards.

When used in combination with any other acoustic plasterboard creating a plasterboard combined thickness of 25mm or more, you can potentially achieve a fire rating of 60 minutes (mechanical fixings used. See here for further information).

Instructions for use

As planc plasterboard is only half the size of the standard soundbloc soundproofing boards, they are easier to handle.