12.5mm Acoustic Plasterboard

12.5mm Acoustic plasterboard

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Product Summary

Soundbloc 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard is designed to provide greater acoustic performance than regular plasterboard. This improvement comes about from the higher density gypsum based core. This greater mass helps absorb and block sound energy, giving enhanced sound insulation to any wall and ceiling. For the sake of comparison, a normal plasterboard at 12.5mm thickness weighs 6.3 kg/m2, whereas Soundbloc 12.5mm weighs 11kg/m2. This is the preferred choice when sound proofing stud walls, ceilings and indeed any where that requires an acoustic panel solution. Since it handles in the same way as regular plasterboard, it can easily be incorparated in most DIY sound proofing and acoustic projects that calls for a soundproofing board.

Technical Specifications

Size 2.4m x 1.2m
Type Acoustic
Fire Rating EN13501 - 1: A2 S1 D0
Unit Price (ex VAT) £17.41
Unit Price (inc VAT) £20.89
Category Speciality Plasterboards

Product Application

This acoustic plasterboard can be used in numerous soundproofing projects calling for an acoustic panel. Indeed, it is the mainstay of the majority of ceiling and wall soundproofing improvement. For even higher performance, it is also available in 15mm and 19mm thicknesses; please check on our Products page for these products.

Instructions for use

Acoustic plasterboard should be the board of choice in all soundproofing applications given the extra mass and soundproofing qualities contained within the single plasterboard. 
Soundbloc 12.5mm has a Thermal Conductivity figure of k = 0.24W/mK
Thermal Resistance: 12.5mm = 0.05m2 K/W 15.0mm = 0.06m2 K/W
Mass at 12.5mm thickness ~ 11kg/m2