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Acoustic Mastic 310ml  (Unit Price £3.29)

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310ml ( Fits standard mastic gun)

Product Summary

Acoustic mastic is unlike normal mastic in that it has been specifically formulated for the function of filling gaps while maintaining acoustic integrity. In addition all our acoustic mastics are intumescant in that they are fire retarding mastics.

Product Application

The product should be applied as a sealant around all soundproofing Jobs. It should be borne in mind that just a 1% gap within a soundproofing job can reduce the performance by 10%. We recommend to actively leave a gap when sound proofing and then fill that gap with acoustic mastic. In this way you are sure you have created a seal.
Sealing floor boards which are not in view can also be a very effective way of increasing the sound proofing performance of a floor.

Product Description

A fire resistant mastic that is applied with a mastic gun. Please note that we may supply a number of different brands of acoustic mastic ( sometimes marked intumescant sealant) these are all acoustic rated.


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