Acoustic Putty Pads

Acoustic Putty Pads

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Product Summary

The acoustic putty pad/ box liner is designed to maintain the acoustic integrity of a wall when the soundproofing surface is penetrated with electrical sockets. Even a couple of unlined double electrical sockets can compromise the intergity of the soundproof wall created.

Technical Specifications

Size 225mm x178mm
Fire Rating -
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Unit Price (inc VAT) £11.78
Category Fixings and Acoustic extras

Product Application

The acoustic, Intumescant box liner (acoustic putty) is designed for lining electrical socket boxes in drywall constructions. The mouldable putty pads easily fit socket boxes to reduce sound travel through drywalls or the back of the elictrical box, whilst providing flexibility when fitting avoiding accidental tearing or puncturing.

Cutting an electrical socket opening in a drywall partition can reduce its acoustic performance and resistance to fire, which could therefore result in non-compliance with Part E and Part B Building Regulations. 

Maintains acoustic integrity of the wall, with a rating of up to 69dB Rw

Provides 2 hour fire resistance
Complies with Building regulations Part E and Part B
Easy to use and install
Minimal waste
Flexible – one size fits all
Cost effective – labour and time saving
Reduced damage on site and in transit

Technical datasheet can be found here:

Acoustic Putty Pad installation

Instructions for use

To Fit Pad Internally

1. Cut the pad and remove the protective paper from one side.

2. Make a slit for the cable and pass the cable through the pad.

3. Press the pad firmly into the socket box to ensure adhesion on all surfaces then mould into the corners.

4. Remove the second protective paper and trim any excess putty.

The length can easily be varied to further reduce waste.

To Fit Pad Externally

1. Use the printed grid to measure the length of pad required.

2. Cut with a sharp knife and remove the protective paper from one side.

3. Press the pad firmly over the back of the socket box to ensure adhesion on all sides.

4. Remove the second protective paper.