Absorbalay 15 impact mat

Absorbalay High Impact

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  • Three-layer flooring insulation
  • Fantastic performance
  • Great for floors where impact noise is an issue

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Product Summary

Absorbalay 15 is a premium acoustic underlay. Designed to combat both airborne and impact sound. This high performance heavy soundproof underlay has been designed for use on both new build and refurbishment timber floors. 

The Absorbalay 15 mat weighs 15kg /m2 it acts to reduce airborne sound by increasing floor mass and resilience (springiness). In addition, by sealing the gaps in the floorboards as well you are bringing into play the wooden floor which acts as a reasonable soundproofing surface when all the gaps are sealed.

Absorbalay can be used as part of a regulation E compliant system

We are convinced that you will think it THE premium mat on the market. Please call us on 020 3893 3441 or email us to request a sample.

In addition to the acoustic performance it is vital to assess the "crush ability" of any mat based products, as this will have implications on its performance at higher load (i.e. running children). Many mats will perform reasonably in a test environment but come up short in a real world situation. In terms of "crush ability", the Absorbalay, we believe, is best in class. This also means it is more suitable for customers who are looking to add a floating floor to the surface.

As you can see from the test below Absorbalay performs very favourably against competing products.

Absorbalay High Impact

Technical Specifications

Size 1.2m x 1.0m x 15mm thick
Thickness 15mm
Density / Weight 15kg/m2 ( 18.4kg/mat)
Fire Rating -
Unit Price (ex VAT) £33.95
Unit Price (inc VAT) £40.74
Category Flooring Products

Product Application

With an impressive performance to depth ratio, it improves both airborne and impact sound performance. It can an be laid under existing carpet or covered with a timber or laminate floor Flexible, easy to cut, quick and easy to install.
Absorbalay 15 impact mat diagram

Instructions for use

Notes on fitting a carpet over this product
Ideally the mat should run wall to wall with few or no gaps at the perimeter. Any gaps should be sealed ideally with acoustic mastic. This will maximise the airborne acoustic performance achievable from using the mat. 
However we understand that normally carpets need to be fitted over the top.

There are a couple of options available to you.

1) If the carpet is an existing pre-stretched carpet ( i.e. it has been down for a while ) then you can refit the carpet back to the mat with double sided carpet tape, available in DIY or carpet shops. 

2) If the carpet needs to be laid with gripper rods there are two options

A) Create a raised surface around the perimeter of the room onto which to place the carpet gripper. This can be either screwing directly onto the old carpet gripper or introducing a slim 15mm batten around the perimeter of the room and running the mat right up to the batten. The grippers would then be screwed onto the batten. The carpet then fitted in the normal way.

B) Fit the grippers to the mat with long screws, that reach down to the existing floor boards, such that the gripper rod stay on top of the mat, a number of slim long screws need to be used to hold the carpet gripper securely in place.
Either way you should discuss in advance, with your carpet fitter, the method you wish to adopt as carpet fitters often have a preferred way of doing things

For customers wishing to add a 6mm ply surface. We can recommend a vinyl type adhesive such as Bostick Laybond Vinyl. The adhesive should be high tack and solvent free. Occasionally customers have found they need to prime their 6mm ply with a diluted solution of PVA.

 Also see our SBX board range for alternatives to rubber mats