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Soundproofing Ceiling Solution 2- Hangers


Hangers- Ceiling Soundproofing with superior impact sound reduction


For those who are a little more budget conscious the Ceiling hangers are a good choice where you are able to lose 85mm-91mm ( or about 3 inches) of ceiling height. It is not an intrusive intrusive method of sound insulating your ceiling, as it is relatively mess free. This is because you tend to retain your existing ceiling. This is particularly the case where you have existing lath and plaster ceilings and don't want the mess of removing the old ceiling.
Regulation E systems for flat conversions can be found at www.uksoundproofing.co.uk

The normal method of installation is to attach the hangers through the existing ceiling. These hangers house 50mm wooden battens that then act as the support onto which new plasterboard is suspended.

We also describe a method below which employs Isosonic Brackets which can be used with metal sections . The acoustic performance of both systems is identical.
For customers looking to insulate noisy pipes please see our acoustic pipe wrap.




Ceiling Hangers Soundproofing Solution Diagram showing cross section of an acoustic ceiling hanger

Basic System Costs


Upgrade Option

Why the SBX upgrade?


* Please note we do not supply the wooden battens needed for this solution . You will need 50mm by 50mm "kiln dried"


IF you prefer working with Metal then The Isosonic type C bracket has an alternative . The Isosonic Bracket.


Like resilient bars the ceiling brackets acts as a de-coupler by means of an acoustic grommet within the hanger that prevents sound transfer from one surface to another. The isosonic bracket outperforms resilient bars by around 3-4 db Isosonic ceiling brackets are best used when keeping the existing ceiling in place. The is recommended where lathe and plaster ceilings are present. The benefits are two fold as the lathe and plaster offers good airborne soundproofing qualities and they are very messy to pull down. Isosonic ceiling brackets
Isosonic ceiling brackets can be used for up-rating an existing ceiling. Performance wise the product has superior impact and airborne sound qualities when compared to resilient bars. Isosonic ceiling bracketsIsosonic ceiling brackets perfromance


Lath and platter ceilings tend to be good soundproofer's from the airborne perspective and similar to a double layer of plasterboard. Hence keeping them will not only reduce the mess but also mean a better final level of soundproofing. Remember that lath and plaster ceilings can be more unstable than plasterboard ceilings, (especially if water damaged) and this might affect your decision on ceiling retention.

Important note on recessed lights

If you are adding recessed spotlights in this ceiling you will need to add an acoustic fire retardant light hood to each light, otherwise your soundproofing efforts will be severely compromised due to the hole you have created. These can be purchased from our on-line store. Spotlight hoods

The method for installation of this ceiling soundproofing solution straightforward.

  1. The joist lines of the existing ceiling is located, either via a joist finder sold at B&Q etc) or by carving into the ceiling.
  2. Along the joist line starting from one end you affix an acoustic hanger. Hangers are screwed into the joists at max 800mm centres across the length of the joist.
  3. Wooden battens ( kiln dried) are threaded through the joist hangers
  4. A Flexi edged mineral wool layer is affixed between the battens.
  5. A Double plasterboard layer is affixed to the battens and the perimeters sealed.
  6. Any spotlights placed in this ceiling will require acoustic hoods.


Soundproofing ceiling solution Ceiling Height loss Acoustic Performance Impact improvement Airborne sound
(Improvement db)
Impact Sound*
(Improvement db Average)
~66mm Good Airborne up to 6 db better than resilient bars on impact This solution provides best impact and airborne performance of suspended ceilings 19db+
Excellent improvement
85-91mm or 3 inches (ceiling retained) Good Airborne up to 4 db better than resilient bars on impact Hangers are preferred over resilient bars where impact sound is the bigger issue Good 18db+ improvement 16db
29-35mm or 1 inch (Ceiling removed) Medium Airborne/ medium Impact Good where carpeted above. Good 16db+ improvement 13db
~205mm or 7-9 inches (ceiling retained) Excellent Airborne excellent impact If structural Vibration occurring this should ceiling should be seriously considered. 23db+
Excellent improvement
Impact sound
The addition of the SBx board materially improves the performance of all solutions with particular emphasis on airborne sound. Improving it by around 8db over and above the stated performance.  


* Important note.

Sound Stop refers to Db improvement when it compares any of its systems. This we hope is an informative way of telling the customer what kind of improvement they will get when they add a soundproofing system. Many competitor sites and products will boast much higher numbers but be aware these are often referring to a complete system which include the original surface. This often leads to confusion when trying to compare systems. We are an independent site and as such will try to sell only the most effective solutions available in the market today.


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