Choosing a Fitter

Fitting soundproofing is less difficult than you may think, and if the instructions are followed then any non specialist can fit our materials. Many customers will choose the DIY route.

However if you really have no DIY skills, or time, we would suggest using the following two recommended websites: and

Remember for customers in the London area we have an approved fitter, Soundproofing UK who can be reached on 0794 383 3022.

In the Bristol area we can recommend Bristol Soundproofing on 075900 40104

Fitting Costs

How long should the job take and how much should it cost? This is a very tricky question. As every house is unique and can bring different problems. On the right is a rough guide provided by rated people for standard building work. In general many of our soundproofing jobs are straightforward often with just specialist materials which are not tricky for a builder to install.

Obviously the size of the job will affect the price and different on site issues will affect pricing but at least you will have a ball park figure. Remember getting thee quotes will let you assess if the price feels right.

Rough Guide

However as a rough guide a bedroom ceiling should take two people no more than a couple of days (three if a bigger room). This is without plastering or electrical work (often as simple as pulling a ceiling rose light through the new ceiling

Floors can be time consuming if raising old floor boards and in filling with mineral wool. Again a bedroom floor, two people two to three days. Simple things like adding Tecsound and Isosonic mats can be a one man job completed in a day.

Soundstop panels – A bedroom wall can be done in a day by two. An SS20 wall two days tops. Other solutions involving stud walls can be a bit more time consuming.