The Genie Clip System

We have recently been a lot of good things about the Genie Clip system. This is a new product in the UK. Designed in Canada it is a product that competes with resilient bars. From the look of them they feel like they should be very effective. Rather than relying on the springy nature of corrugated metal as used by resilient bars, the system relies on a rubber washer to keep metal components apart from each other. The manufacturers claim substantial improvements across the noise frequency spectrum particularly at lower, more tricky to deal with, frequencies. The system that works with a bespoke “furring Strip” is less mistake prone when doing a soundproofing job.
Image of Genie Clip


Here, at SoundStop, have recently begun selling Genie Clips for ceiling soundproofing and wall soundproofing applications, and the feedback we have had from customers is very good.
Here is what the people who manufacturer Genie Clips have to say about their product.
“Making a decision on which product to use when soundproofing a ceiling is often confusing. However if you are looking for the best performing product that you can attach directly to your existing ceiling then look no further than the GenieClip TM system. This fool proof system will give the best sound insulation performance from an impact and airborne perspective, second only to the Independent ceiling.

The GenieClip TM is screwed direct to joists in the same manner that a resilient bar ceiling would be and it houses furring bars. To these furring bars plasterboard is screwed.
The GenieClip TM system is a superior alternative to the conventional resilient bar system producing better performance from an impact and airborne sound perspective but also it is far less prone to fitting error. In fact it’s virtually impossible to fit incorrectly. The rubber element of the GenieClipTM is the key to its superior ability to reduce the transmission of sound from one space to another via a ceiling or wall system. Rubber is the best isolator of vibration. Is your car engine mounted on metal? No, it is mounted on rubber isolators. This same technology has been used in the design of the GenieClipTM and is now the most reliable way to improve the sound insulation performance of you ceiling.

The one-piece construction of the GenieClipTM makes it strong with load bearing capacity of 100kg per clip. So there are no issues with loading up the system with extra layers of plasterboard to improve performance.

The GenieClipTM Significantly improves low frequency sound insulation performance and this is often the hardest frequency range to mitigate. “

Of all the resilient solutions that fix direct to joist the GenieClipTM offers the most reliable and best performance with the simplest installation.”

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