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I have been looking at your website and reading the testament’s of people that have used your products. The problem that we have is that the neighbours play loud music and have the tv on really loud, we have spoken to them and they have turned it down although you can still hear the bass and the tv a lot. I think it is caused because there tv and stereo is right next to our wall. 

We live in a old 100 year old terraced cottage and the main problem is in the living room and it is on the wall where we have a chimney stack as we have an open fire.
The wall that joins to the neighbours is split in half by the chimney so we would need two panels one for each side of the fire.
I would be grateful if you could give me an idea of whether using these panels will reduce the noise and whether the fact that we have a chimney breast will have a big impact.

Thanks for your help


Hi Paul,

The Fireplace itself is likely to be constructed better than the alcoves either side as it has to contain fire and smoke. Thus it is often a double brick construction. The alcoves either side are likely to be just a single skin. So yes you can successfully soundproof by doing just the alcoves. In the majority of cases this is sufficient for people.

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