Soundproofing A Floor

When it comes to soundproofing your floor for noise it is important to establish what you are trying to achieve . Are you trying to stop noise from below reaching you or are you trying to eradicate your impact noise passing down to your neighbours.

Ask yourself the following questions when choosing which solution is best for you

  • Can you raise floor height . If so by how much?
  • What is the final walking surface you are looking to have (carpet, original timbers, laminate etc)
  • Can you gain access to the void between the joists i.e. lift the floor boards ( to fill with acoustic mineral wool)
  • Is the problem you are trying to cure your impact and airborne sound or your neighbours airborne sound.

In practice most people are aiming at stopping the sounds from below travelling upwards.  Many products on the market boast great soundproofing credentials ( particularly rubber mat or underlay solutions bu the figures quoted are almost always referring to a reduction in impact sound and are of very little use in combating the passage of airborne sound.

We prioritise trying to eradicate airborne sound first.

The other thing to bear in mind is whether you want to raise the height of the floor or would prefer to have everything below floor level. All our solutions strongly benefit form the putting high density acoustic mineral wool under the floor boards however we do have under carpet solutions as well.

Solution 1 which is a below floor solution we offer uses mineral wool plaster boards with the option of a very effective and reasonably priced acoustic membrane.

If you are looking to create a floating floor to reduce your own impact sound this can be created in a number of ways. Firstly you can lay a floating floor over the exsiting floor or you can dispense with the old floor boards and use our joist cap solution which allows you to float a new chipboard onto the exisitng joists.

We offer rubber mat solutions as well which are designed primarily to reduce impact sound but can be augmented with products to help with airborne sound transmission as well.

Finally if you are dead set on keeping your floorboards as the final walking surface yet want to create a floating floor we can offer a solution for that as well.


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