Soundproofing A Wall

We are often asked How do I soundproof my party wall against noisy neighbours

The solutions are broadly broken down into two types. Those that stick onto the wall, which are slimline and very DIY-able and those that involve creating an independent wall.

In general terms the more space you can afford to lose in your room the better the soundproofing. That being said the slim line stick on solutions that we offer have proven time and time again to be very effective at combating neighbour noise.

Our two solutions ( please click on links for a full description) the Soundstop panel and the SS20 panel solution are 52mm ( two inches thick)  We don’t believe that you will gain effective soundproofing at sizes less than this.

 Where you are able to create an independent stud structure you will find generally that it will be slightly cheaper for the materials and will be a little more effective at coping with low frequency sounds. However this must be offset against the room size loss and the increased hassle of installation. Our two independent wall options are using either resilient bars, or for our most sophisticated “studio quality solution” Genie Clips.


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