Sound proofing in the Highlands of Scotland

we are really needing to sound proof our semi dethatched home. We live in Inverness in the highlands and wondered if you would be able to recommend a good company up here who could help? any info appreciated,
thanks mary

Hello Mary and thank you for your email,

I can only imagine you need to soundproof your house because of noisy neighbours, that is usually the problem we find.

We have no one we can recommend by way of a company specialising in soundproofing in your area. What we tell potential customers who do not feel like undertaking the job themselves is to use local craftsmen such as carpenters and plasterers who are used to handling the materials used in soundproofing. No disrespect to general builders but they do tend to think soundproofing is something they know all about and go and leave the important bits out.

Each of our soundproofing solutions has a “Fitting Instructions” tab and if you click on that you can print out all that needs to be done for that Solution, be it a Wall, Ceiling or Floor. Send that out to carpenters you know, carpenters listed in local directories or carpenters that are recommended by friends.

Have a close look at the Comparison Charts for each of the Solutions and if I tell you a 10decibel improvement cuts the noise you hear by half decide which would be best for reducing your problem. To work out the costs enter the measurements in the Calculate and Buy on line boxes at the foot of each Solution web page and press the button and up will come the shopping basket of all the materials for doing the job and the cost, Click on Change the Solution and compare the costs of another.

I am sure you will find what you are looking for .

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