Soundproofing in a 1930’s property

Hope you can help/advise on best option. ( we have answered in Blue)
I live in a 1930’s semi detached house and have problems with noisy neighbours, although I don’t believe they mean to be noisy, I feel the party wall itself is rubbish, as I can hear them just talking in the room adjacent, and can understand their words (not muffled).

My living room consists of a fireplace and two alcoves.  The sound seems to be coming through both alcoves. Continue reading

Bad Soundproofing in post war property

We moved into our property 2 years ago.  Shortly after moving in, we were left heartbroken realising we could hear absolutely everything our neighbours downstairs said and did, and to make matters worse, it’s rented out as temporary accommodation for the council’s homeless, so we’ve not had the best neighbours. Continue reading

Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours
The problem:

Having lived in our for home for more than 20 years without ever experiencing any noise problems, the recent arrival of a new neighbour has changed the situation dramatically. We are now frequently suffering intrusion from loud multiple adult voices, multiple adults shouting, children shouting, screaming and crying, children running and jumping around, and doors slamming. Continue reading

Soundproofing an old lathe and plaster ceiling

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I wish to soundproof the ceilings in a Victorian conversion. The existing ceilings are lathe and plaster that have been either boarded over or skimmed. Using the cornice as a guide the thickness of plaster added is quite considerable on a couple of the ceilings. I have the height to add perhaps 4 inches but could not hang an independent ceiling using new joists and joist hangers. A couple of the rooms are quite large.  Continue reading

Soundproofing and Fireplaces


I have been looking at your website and reading the testament’s of people that have used your products. The problem that we have is that the neighbours play loud music and have the tv on really loud, we have spoken to them and they have turned it down although you can still hear the bass and the tv a lot. I think it is caused because there tv and stereo is right next to our wall.  Continue reading