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We are often asked about local fitting services outside london

Hello Terry and thanks you for your email. We are frequently asked for the names of installers of our soundproofing systems throughout the UK but it is impossible to service all areas.

What we suggest is that having chosen one of our Soundproofing Solutions, be it for a Wall, Ceiling or Floor, you print out from the Web page for that Solution the Application Instructions that can be found by clicking on the application button. 


These detailed instructions can be used to obtain a quotation for the work from a reputable craftsman such as a Carpenter or Plasterer who are used to the type of material used in this work.  It has to be said that it is not “rocket science” and anyone with a modicum of d-i-y skills can do the work. You can order the materials directly from us using the Calculator for the chosen Solution and have them delivered to your door in three days.  That way you will know you are getting the right materials for the job. If you are wanting some leads for good builders is the website

When you have received a quotation and you are unsure of what you have been presented with feel free to call us on one of our numbers for advice.


From: Terry Ally (Gmail)


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Do you have anyone in Sheffield that might come by to give me a quote on soundproofing my apartment?

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  1. Do you have anyone in the Chester area that might come by to give me a quote on soundproofing my 2 walls?

    Regards.M Knowles

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