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I have been reading your website with interest – we have a 1983 Bryant-built semi detached home, and although our neighbours are relatively quiet we hear lots of everyday noise (talking, laughter, radio, hoover etc) through the walls.  There are 4 rooms which attach to them, and it doesnt matter whcih room i stand in, I can hear then just as clearly – making me think that noise is maybe transmitting though the floorboards or maybe we have flanking transmission problems described on your website. 

Our internal walls are not breeze block though, they are a dark black “ash” block – Im not sure if this is the correct name but when you drill them loads of black powder comes out.  Some of our internal walls are also packed with straw, but these are generally not ones that link to the party wall.  The party wall itself I think is brick. The only place I can see breeze block is on the external wall of the garage, but this is on the other side of the house.

I am thinking of putting your soundstop panels onto the party walls, but wondering if i will be wasting my time if this ashblock transmits sound in the same way as breeze blocks?

We also have a disused fireplace (gas fire) with a flue that goes all the way up – i was wondering if I can cap off the chimney then stuff some sort of insulating material up the chimney before we board the wall up to provide more sound blockage.  Do you have anything you could recommend for this?  I was also thinking of lifting the floorboards along the party wall and also stuffing these with something to stop diagonal transmission of noise eg from downstairs in their house into the upstairs rooms of ours.

We are very limited on budget and also are not able to lose more than a couple of inches of room space due to the size of the bed and built in wardrobes onthe other side of the room.

Any advice you have would be much appreciated.  I did contact the builders to try and ascertain how they had constructed the party wall but had no luck!


Many thanks



Hi Michelle,

I am not going to be a great deal of help this is because i don’t know the qualities of ashblock and straw. The wall itself may well be the problem ( ie the sound seems to just be coming through this alone) and so hopefully the soundstop panels will be of benefit. However if the side walls are “alive” with noise as well than you probably do have a flanking sound problem.

Stuffing the chimney with AMW60 100mm is a good idea if this is a likely conduit of sound. It is really very tricky to know how the soundstop panels will perform in  non standard scenarios.


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