Direct to wall Genie Clips

After careful consideration, we can confirm that Genie clips “direct-to-wall” are a great soundproofing solution for those who can’t afford to lose too much room space.






At just 66mm ( 68mm with the optional Tecsound50 membrane upgrade ), this solution provides great acousic performance in a slimline package, and is well within the capabilities of the average DIY enthusiast, should the mood take you. As with all our solutions, full instructions can be found on our website, and you can of course ring us if you need any advice.

The Genie Clip System

We have recently been a lot of good things about the Genie Clip system. This is a new product in the UK. Designed in Canada it is a product that competes with resilient bars. From the look of them they feel like they should be very effective. Rather than relying on the springy nature of corrugated metal as used by resilient bars, the system relies on a rubber washer to keep metal components apart from each other. The manufacturers claim substantial improvements across the noise frequency spectrum particularly at lower, more tricky to deal with, frequencies. The system that works with a bespoke “furring Strip” is less mistake prone when doing a soundproofing job.
Image of Genie Clip


Here, at SoundStop, have recently begun selling Genie Clips for ceiling soundproofing and wall soundproofing applications, and the feedback we have had from customers is very good. Continue reading

Soundproofing a thin wall

A customer writes,

I have looked at your website and need further advice.My family and I have bought a 1928 semi-detached property in a “nice” area of Leicester, but the neighbours enjoy their music at different times of day and there is a substantial content of bass, which has driven my wife to her mother’s house, with our 2 very young children. This is an unacceptable situation for all concerned. The council’s noise pollution team have done all they can but 2 issues appear insoluble, from an enforcement perspective.  Continue reading

Fitting soundproofing- Fitting Service

We are often asked about local fitting services outside london

Hello Terry and thanks you for your email. We are frequently asked for the names of installers of our soundproofing systems throughout the UK but it is impossible to service all areas.

What we suggest is that having chosen one of our Soundproofing Solutions, be it for a Wall, Ceiling or Floor, you print out from the Web page for that Solution the Application Instructions that can be found by clicking on the application button.  Continue reading

Soundproofing in a 1930’s property

Hope you can help/advise on best option. ( we have answered in Blue)
I live in a 1930’s semi detached house and have problems with noisy neighbours, although I don’t believe they mean to be noisy, I feel the party wall itself is rubbish, as I can hear them just talking in the room adjacent, and can understand their words (not muffled).

My living room consists of a fireplace and two alcoves.  The sound seems to be coming through both alcoves. Continue reading

Bad Soundproofing in post war property

We moved into our property 2 years ago.  Shortly after moving in, we were left heartbroken realising we could hear absolutely everything our neighbours downstairs said and did, and to make matters worse, it’s rented out as temporary accommodation for the council’s homeless, so we’ve not had the best neighbours. Continue reading

Noisy Neighbours

Noisy Neighbours
The problem:

Having lived in our for home for more than 20 years without ever experiencing any noise problems, the recent arrival of a new neighbour has changed the situation dramatically. We are now frequently suffering intrusion from loud multiple adult voices, multiple adults shouting, children shouting, screaming and crying, children running and jumping around, and doors slamming. Continue reading

Soundproofing and Fireplaces


I have been looking at your website and reading the testament’s of people that have used your products. The problem that we have is that the neighbours play loud music and have the tv on really loud, we have spoken to them and they have turned it down although you can still hear the bass and the tv a lot. I think it is caused because there tv and stereo is right next to our wall.  Continue reading

Soundproofing around a Fireplace

I have just moved to a semi detached bungalow which is 80 years old, and the outer walls are two layers of brick with no cavity.  The living room is joined to the neighbour’s living room, although I do not know what that wall is likely to be made of in a house of this age.
I don’t have a TV, and spend a lot of time reading in the quiet.  However my neighbour does have her TV on when I get in from work and often it is on all evening.  Although she is not doing anything inconsiderate, I would prefer not to listen to the constant mumble of a TV which is at reasonable volume the other side of a wall. Continue reading