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I have the top 2 floors in a property in West London. I have neighbours on the bottom floor. I have pretty good hi-fi and TV surround-sound equipment but I can’t really play it at the volumes I’d like to and get the best of it because I know the sound carries and it would potentially disturb the people downstairs. I did have some time ago a thick layer of rubber-like, black material put down beneath my living room carpet and underlay but this hasn’t made a lot of difference. Is this something you can help with? I also would like to look at options to sound-proof my loft, though it is my living room that is my main priority. Look forward to your feedback. Thanks &Regards,

Hi Ian ,
A lot of people put store by thick rubber mats or even good carpet underlays. In reality these things just tend to be good at stopping your impact sound transferring downward. The best rubber mat on the markets don’t give you a great deal of airborne sound performance.  We have two options available to you a product we call DB boards this can be used in combination with tecsound  50 acoustic membrane . Both these products are very easy to install. You can find prices for our tecsound 50 product at the following link And will significantly improve the quality of your soundproofing.

Lets see how the living room goes and we can then offer suggestions on your loft.


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  1. Hi there,

    I will be applying your solution 1b to my floors with a double layer of high density plasterboard. My question is, “If I take up my existing floorboards and replace them with the Muteboard, how effective will this be? Will combining two different solutions in this way increase the airbourne uplift significantly”?

    • Hi,
      The two solutions you propose involve in simple terms addign weight. When stuck together like this the return you get in terms of insualtion that you get from mass starts to diminish. This is known as masses law that to improve the sound proofing you need to add a lot more weight to get the same return.
      The Mass Law
      The most important law in soundproofing is the mass law.The mass law equation says that each time the mass per unit area of a single layer wall is doubled, the transmission loss is increased by about 6 dB. Practically you can double the thickness of the wall or select a material that has twice more density. Both tricks will improve soundproofing by 6 dB, and therefore be heard nearly twice as soundproofing to ear. Also, if you want 12 dB more soundproofing, you need to increase the mass per unit area by a factor of 4. And to increase 18 dB soundproofing, 8 times more mass and so on.

      In other words I would do one thing or the other ( I would use the Mute boards for ease of fitting over the 19mm planc.

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