Soundproofing and Fireplaces


I have been looking at your website and reading the testament’s of people that have used your products. The problem that we have is that the neighbours play loud music and have the tv on really loud, we have spoken to them and they have turned it down although you can still hear the bass and the tv a lot. I think it is caused because there tv and stereo is right next to our wall.  Continue reading

Soundproofing around a Fireplace

I have just moved to a semi detached bungalow which is 80 years old, and the outer walls are two layers of brick with no cavity.  The living room is joined to the neighbour’s living room, although I do not know what that wall is likely to be made of in a house of this age.
I don’t have a TV, and spend a lot of time reading in the quiet.  However my neighbour does have her TV on when I get in from work and often it is on all evening.  Although she is not doing anything inconsiderate, I would prefer not to listen to the constant mumble of a TV which is at reasonable volume the other side of a wall. Continue reading

1980’s house with Bad Sound Proofing

Hi Soundstop

We have recently moved into a 1980s house and have noticed that the sound proofing from the living room up to the master bedroom is very poor. Even normal talking voices, curtain closing etc can be heard clearly, let alone the television!

Please can you tell me of possible solutions? I don’t think there is any insulation whatsoever between the two floors in this part of the house – it sounds very hollow. The bedroom floorboards are made of an MDF type material. The bedroom is approx 14 by 19 feet Continue reading

Soundproofing a floor

Dear Sir/Madam,


I have the top 2 floors in a property in West London. I have neighbours on the bottom floor. I have pretty good hi-fi and TV surround-sound equipment but I can’t really play it at the volumes I’d like to and get the best of it because I know the sound carries and it would potentially disturb the people downstairs. I did have some time ago a thick layer of rubber-like, black material put down beneath my living room carpet and underlay but this hasn’t made a lot of difference. Is this something you can help with? I also would like to look at options to sound-proof my loft, though it is my living room that is my main priority. Look forward to your feedback. Thanks &Regards, Continue reading