What is the difference between Sound Absorption and Sound Insulation? Insulation reduces the amount of outside noise getting in, whereas absorption soaks up noise generated inside. Below you find a simple guide to our range of world-class acoustic panels, that are designed to absorb echo and reverberation, and look as good as they perform.

Acoustic Panels

Designed and used in both public spaces such schools, offices, hospital and offices, as well as private homes, our EchoPro range of acoustic panels has been carefully selected to give you the perfect solution, whatever your needs. Unlike many on the market, all our products are fire-rated, and have detailed acoustic testing data to stand behind their superior performance.

You can either;

  1. jump straight into our sound absoption solutions by looking at "Our Solutions" on the right hand side of this page, or 
  2. we can help you choose which type is most suitable for you by following the steps below.

What's best for you?
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Each of our five solutions is designed for a specific use case. Think about whether you are putting the acoustic panels on the ceiling, the walls or both. Do they need to blend with other soft furnishings, or do you want contrast?
Compare Solutions
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Click on the solution to the right, and work out which best suits what you want to do. Each page contains background information as well as detailed specifications and results.
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Whilst we have tried to include standard products for you to look at, each of the solutions can be very much tailored to your needs. Contact us on 020 8103 5686 if you would like to discuss sizes, colours or want help with design.
Our Solutions
Acoustic ceiling panels
EchoPro Ceiling acoustic ceiling panels are ideal for walls and ceiling where echo and noise generated in the room is causing a problem. World class sound absorption.
Premium acoustic panels
EchoPro Premium sound absorbing acoustic panels are a premium product that can be used on walls and ceiling to greatly control the sound in a room. Coated in a special fabric, they are available in 63 different colours, can be cut into almost any shape or size, and can even be covered in a photo canvas of your own.
Custom shaped acoustic panels
EchoPro Cloud are premium acoustic panels that can be supplied in a wide array of colours, and in any shape or size imaginable. Market leading sound absorbing performance, with stylish, eye-catching looks.
Photo covered acoustic panel
EchoPro Photo brings high-quality digital printing to world-class sound absorption. Combining our Wallsorba acoustic panel and covering it in a photograph or art design of your choice, allows quality sound control disguised as a picture.
Flexible, multipurpose acoustic panel
EchoPro Multi sound absorbing acoustic panels are a flexible product that can be used on walls and ceiling to greatly control the sound in a room. Coated in ecopaint, they provide an attractive way to improve the acoustics of a room.