Tecsound 2FT80 Acoustic QUILT

Tecsound 2FT80 Acoustic QUILT

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Size 6.6m2 - 5.5m x 1.20m
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Product Summary

The Tecsound 2FT80 is a very high performance acoustic quilt. The quilt can be used on wall soundproofing systems and under floor systems between the joists. It is a tecsound synthetic membrane sandwiched between two layers of porous felt.
It is normally used in a professional commercial environment such as cinemas, theatres, discos and bars. However certain clients may consider this high performance option in a domestic environment.

Product Application

Within professional environments such as sports halls cinemas, machine shops, restaurants or nigh clubs it can be used as an external soundproofing coverings for works

Within the domestic sphere it has two main applications.


Typically the wall is lined with the 2FT80 acoustic quilt and then lined with a genie clip system wall often attached direct to the wall.


The quilt is laid down between joists then hard sealed with batten work to the side of the joists. This is used in conjunction with AMW60100mm and often combined with 19mm planc as per our solution 1b

Instructions for use

Pro Choice product
This is a professional choice product. Please consult technical help line on 02081234 722 for in depth fitting instructions


The performance of Tecsound 2FT80 is truly impressive. In fact it performance is equivalent to lead of the same surface weight. The Tecsound 2FT80 in a single layer boasts an Rw figure of over 38db.

Because of its chemical make up Tecsound has exceptional damping qualities. It is these qualities that are normally absent from rigid plasterboard type constructions. This resilience means that it compares very favorably to the likes of green glue as it not only provides great resilience but it also provides good mass.

Tecsound Applications

As well as uses in soundproofing walls and soundproofing floors. Tecsound 2FT80 has other applications these include
When added to light weight vibrating and resonating surfaces such as car doors floor pans and bonnets it greatly reduces vibration and the passage of sound through the surfaces. Also it reduces re-radiated sound. Its an ideal product for soundproofing engine bays in boats and other noisy engine rooms.
It can be used very effectively below metal decks and roofs for damping the sound of rain.
In the industrial machinery sector it has been successfully used to reduce sound emanating from machine rooms and noisy equipment
Tecsound 2FT80 is extensively used for creating sound proof booths and hence has been used in the music industry. 


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