StepTile 500mm x 500mm Red

StepTile 500mm x 500mm Red

Step Tile

Technical Information
Size 0.5m x 0.5m 5.2kg per Tile
Fire Rating -
Unit Price (ex VAT) £9.99
Unit Price (inc VAT) £11.99
Category Flooring Products
Product Name Size Unit Price Qty. Sub Total
StepTile Red 500mm x 500mm 0.5m x 0.5m 5.2kg per Tile £9.99 £0.00
Delivered separately by courier.
Volume discounts apply automatically.
Quantity Discounts
£9.99     4 - 60 Tiles ( 4 Tile minimum)      
£9.49     61 - 180 Tiles
£9.19     181-449 Tiles
£8.95     450+ Tiles

Product Summary

The Soundstop rubber StepTile is a premium grade rubber tile system with each tile weighing 5.2Kg. this is a more robust product that other cheaper versions on the market. There are many tiles on the market, but the rule of thumb is the heavier the better. Before making your decision compare the weight!

The tiles not only provide superior noise reduction but offer an excellent slip-resistant surfacing for rooftop patios, kids play areas, home gyms, decks, walkways for apartment complexes, office buildings, schools, hospitals, restaurants, and much more. The tiles can be installed on concrete, asphalt or a compacted granular base. The porous nature of design allows water to easily flow through and around the tiles.

The step tile is specifically designed for use on balconies, roof gardens and terraces. The tile interlocks and can be laid very quickly and easily. StepTiles come in a range of colours to suit the environment in which they are laid. The tiles can be mixed and matched if desired to create a chequer board effect.
They can be laid onto virtually any surface including felt roofs, concrete roofs, EPDM and even fibre glass roofs.
The tile features anti-slip qualities as well as noise deadening. Achieving a decibel reduction in excess of 30dB. 

The tiles are ideal for children’s play areas increasing the critical fall height to 1m making it great for elderly customers as well.

The product is porous meaning that rain water drains through it quickly and easily. There are drainage channels on the underside meaning that water will then flow away rapidly. Eliminating any standing water issues.
The tiles have been manufactured to exacting European standards using grade 1 recycled rubber granulate materials, these have been bonded with binding polymers and then coloured with iron oxide pigments.
The installation of the tile is very straightforward as they are held together with plastic pins that are integral to the design. This obviates the need for any form of adhesive. This makes the installation a truly DIY job.

Size: 500mm x 500mm x 30mm thick
Available colours:  Black , Grey , GreenRed (Just click to select your colour)

StepTile 500mm x 500mm Red

StepTile Colours

Product Application

This versatile rubber tile can be used in many places. It can be used in the garden on the roof as a durable non slip roof terrace surface. It can be used when reducing impact sound on balconies or any outside space.

Advantages of the tile:

Simple non-glued installation with 4 integrated connector pins
Advantage: the 30mm thick slabs are securely bonded together preventing displacement or buckling

Individual slabs can be replaced at any time
Advantage: replacing slabs is fast and easy with no mess

Superb quality, simple to care for
Advantage: long life (even at below-freezing temperatures), easy to clean

Eye-pleasing colours, can be combined as desired
Advantage: highly decorative, individualised surfacing fits in perfectly with surroundings.

Advantage: no danger of injury, can be walked on barefoot (no splintering as found on wood).

Thermal insulation and noise deadening
Advantage: warm and quiet floors

Slip resistant and quick drying (e.g. after rainfall)
Advantage: safety for your children

Environmentally friendly
Available colours:  Black , Grey , GreenRed ( Just click to select your colour)

Step Tile Colours

Instructions for use

Installation Instructions
Before installing tiles ensure the surface is level, free from dirt and grit, free draining and ready receive rubber tiles.

As with most tiling jobs begin laying the tiles in one corner of the area being tiled, make sure the pins are facing in the correct direction ready to go into the corresponding receiving holes, this will be facing out in the direction of installation. After the first row has been laid check the alignment is correct before continuing. Every second row must be laid in a brick-bond pattern leaving a half tile at each end. This will result in an interlocking formation to maximize the overall bond. 

The tiles can be cut with a low-speed jig-saw (medium sized teeth), handsaw or Stanley-knife. It is recommended a steel straight edge is used for best results. Keep the cutting blade cool with water where possible.

Exposed edges which may be subject to wind uplift can be adhered to the substrate using a suitable rubber adhesive.

Detailed installation instructions can be found here.

Keep Clean where possible with a regular broom or soft brush or a heavy-duty vacuum cleaner (ensuring the mechanical drive brush is soft enough to avoid damage to the tile surface). To remove dirt, moss, foods etc, scrub with a soft brush using warm water and a highly diluted detergent. Then rinse well with copious amounts of clean water. 

Pressure washers can be used to clean tiles. A minimum distance of 35cm should be maintained between the spray nozzle and tile surface to prevent impact pressure, ensure the water temperature does not exceed 80°C. After cleaning, remove all contaminants that may have exuded from the tiles. Scrub with a soft brush and warm water with a highly diluted detergent then rinse well with copious amounts of clean water.

Step Tile Characteristics


IDE43634649364 from 6th June 2018
I have created a great outside space for our roof terrace. Neighbours below had complained about the tiles we had before . Now we dont have any problems. Delivery was quick and efficient. Thanks soundstop
JEM8593229055 from 3rd July 2018
Bought this product 6 weeks ago and am happy to write a review. We installed 120 tiles in a day. The tiles are pretty tough to cut with a stanley knife and once we worked out how to create a straight edge the jigsaw was much easier. These tiles are great for our kids and they look very nice on our terrace. Good product
TER0892242323 from 4th April 2018
We were pleased with the product, however the driver wouldnt help us beyond kerbisde with the materials. My wife and I had to haul all the tiles into the house. The product was however up to expectation.
DOW43598437547 from 31st July 2018
I reseached this product for ages. It seems there are two types avaliable one that comes in 25mm which our firend bought which has curled slighly on the outside edge. This product we are told is manufactured in Germany and is 30mm thick it is is a bit heavier and high quality manufacture. The other tile type is from eastern Europe somewhere. We are delivghted with the loook and feel of the final play area. Soundstop were really helpful in helping us decide. Ordering process was straightforward and delivery was on the day we chose. Good service
DAN347896540 from 7th March 2018
Great product. Cheaper than normal tiling. Would recommend.
FLO45838995534 from 3rd April 2018
We went for a cheuer board design using Red and green colours. When we looked into the cost of getting a tiler to do a regualr tiled floor we realised that we would save a load of money doing ourselves. So glad we did this as we saved a load and now we have a great looking floor that everyone compliments us on. Rubber is the way forward. Thanks
JON44774859932 from 10th January 2018
Really happy with this product we have used on a roof terrace. You cannot hear people above any more. Would reccomend.
CON1559875 from 4th January 2018
I decided to use on my basement home gym as the noise and vibration from dropping weights etc was really annoying my wife and kids upstairs. It's incredible how much it has deadened these sounds. The tiles are also a really good surface to actually workout on as a really grippy. I have used them with free wights and they have worked really well.