SBx Board 10mm

SBx Boards 10mm

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  • Highly-engineered German flooring product
  • Superb performance
  • Can be used for walls, floors, and ceilings

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Product Summary

The 10mm SBX boards is the slim line cousin of the 15mm Sbx board it is designed as a high performance addtion to all soundproofing systems. It is used to upgrade wall soundproofing systems. It is used as an alternative to one of the layers of plasterboard.

SBx boards are an excellent product designed to reduce the transmission of impact and airborne sound betwe
en two spaces. The product is our number one choice when trying to improve the soundproofing from noisy neighbours downstairs. 

Many customers get confused by the large array of heavy rubber mats on the market which are great at stopping impact sound transmission traveling downwards but are less effective at the more common problem that affects people, that is the airborne sound being transmitted upwards. SBx boards can be twice as effective at reducing airborne sound transmission as the heavy 15kg mats available on the market.

Tecsound is a great product to augment the performance of the SBx boards is the Tecsound 50 membrane which can be laid above or below the SBx boards. This is a true DIY solution with the only skill necessary being the ability to cut (then tape and seal) the SBx boards. See our fitting instructions below.

36dB (Rw, -4Ctr) Airborne sound insulation, this is manufacturer tested data of the product in isolation.
21dB (;Lw) Impact sound insulation (manufacturer data)

SBx can be used for soundproofing walls, floors and ceilings whether constructed from timber, steel or solid substrate.

For new build, conversion, remedial and refurbishment projects.

SBx Boards are a natural product which are breathable, pollutant free and odourless, the boards are only 15mm thick which avoids problems with door thresholds and re-fitting skirting in refurbishments. They are easy to cut and install with simple butt joints and does not require flanking strips. This makes for a speedy installation time and low cost of labour, or can easily be completed yourself.

SBx boards offer acoustic insulation which also adds thermal mass to lightweight structures it also works seamlessly with with under floor heating.

The solution gives comparable sound insulation results to robust floating floors which are a minimum 107mm thick. It provides a solid floor feel underfoot unlike other squashy acoustic floor systems.

Sound insulation performance actually improves by 3dB when a hard surface is fitted on to it and it supports 5kN loading.

This product can be used to very effectively soundproof a floor. Ideally it should be used in combination with 60kg/m3 acoustic mineral wool.

Technical Specifications

Size 800 x 1200mm
Thickness 10mm
Density / Weight 12.0kg/m2
Type 10mm
Fire Rating Reaction to fire Class E under EN 13501-1
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Unit Price (inc VAT) £25.14
Category Flooring Products

Product Application

The 10mm SBX board is used in place of a 12.5mm acoustic plasterboard. The product can be screwed in the same way as plasterboard. Cutting and sealing is done in the same way as the 15mm board

The boards are labelled with a particular side to be facing outwards. This ensures the product lies consistently from board to board.

Instructions for use

Please refer to our various solutions pages on how best to apply the SBX boards.