Furring Strip

Furring Strip

Technical Information
Unit Price £3.30
Size 1.82m
Type Outside M25
Category Genie Clips

Product Summary

The furring strip is designed specifically to be used with the GenieClip to provide a system which is both economical and gives highly effective sound attenuation. Please note that other Furring strips will not fit the GenieClip system.

Product Application

For use with the GenieClip™ system. This includes the GenieClip™, the GenieClip™ LB2 and the GenieClip™ LB3.

Loading characteristics: Please note that the GenieClip™ is designed to have a comfortable working load of 14Kg per clip.

Instructions for use

Please refer to our GenieClip fitting guides, which can be found on the relevant wall solution and ceiling solution pages.


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