Acoustic and Fire downlighter cover

Acoustic and Fire downlighter cover

Technical Information
Unit Price £11.95
Size 130mm (d) x 70mm (h) - Max light fitting size 50mm (d) x 55mm (h)
Type Type 1
Category Acoustic and Fire hoods

Product Summary

Fire and acoustic light covers. These can be retro fitted to maintain the acoustic integrity of the light fitting.

Product Application

Where you have holes cut out for spotlights in your ceiling you are going to rapidly reduce the acoustic and fire integrity of the ceiling. By fitting acoustic hoods you can maintain the fire rating while bring the ceiling back to within 1 db of the acoustic rating of an untouched ceiling. The maximum light fitting allows a minimum of 80mm diameter and 25mm height between fitting cut out and recessed height respectively and cover

Instructions for use

A foam and fire retardant hood that can be fitted retroactively.

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