Acoustic partition Wool (APR1200)

Acoustic partition Wool (APR1200)

APR 1200mm

Technical Information
Size 100mm x1200mm x 9.17m ( Spilt into two rols of 600mm)
Type 100mm low density
Fire Rating -
Category Specialist Mineral Wools
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Acoustic partition (APR 1200) Wool 100mm low density 100mm x1200mm x 9.17m ( Spilt into two rols of 600mm) £55.19 £0.00
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Product Summary

Isover, Acoustic partion Roll, APR 1200 roll insulation is a non-combustible glass mineral wool roll for sound insulation in partitions, walls and floors. The product provides a strong, resilient and flexible insulating mat, which is easy to cut, handle and install and will not slump under its own weight when suspended vertically.

Product Application

A number of regulation E soundproofing systems include APR 1200 wool in their application. It should be borne in mind that this mineral wool is much lighter weight than our standard mineral wool and hence not as effective at stopping the passage of sound. This is particularly evident at the lower frequencies

APR1200 100mm

Instructions for use