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Acoustic Quilt (Noise blocker quilt) (Unit Price £142.25)

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1.2m x 5.0m (Large)


0.6m x 5.0m (Small)


50mm ( but squashable)

Product Summary

The acoustic or noiseblocker quilt is a laminate of acoustic membrane and mineral wool. It performs better than mineral wool as an infill and as such will allow for better soundproofing in a smaller stud or ceiling void. Please note that now recommend a far better performing TECSOUND ACOUSTIC QUILT

Product Description

The acoustic quilt consists of a laminate of 25mm sound absorbing fibreglass, 2Kg acoustic membrane and another layer of 25mm sound absorbing fibreglass.

Product Application

This sound blocking quilt is a superior laminate offering a combination of sound absorption and sound blocking qualities due to the high performance 2kg/m² acoustic membrane laminated in the middle. It offers superior performance to normal mineral wool as the integral membrane blocks sound as well as absorbing sound.

It performs up to 4 times better than normal Acoustic Mineral Wool of a similar thickness due to the barrier layer sandwiched in the middle which blocks airborne noise as efficiently as lead of a similar thickness.

The acoustic quilt exceeds is now used as a Part E Resistance to the Passage of Sound in a number of applications where the weight of the soundproofing is of a key consideration. When used as a wall sound proofing material, Acoustic Quilt can improve the acoustic performance of a typical 12.5mm stud wall by up to 15dB.

The acoustic quilt was featured on the Channel 4 show "Grand Designs" in 2007.


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