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Acoustic Membrane   (Unit Price £)

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1.5m x 10.0m (15m2)




2kg / m2

Roll Weight


Product Summary

The acoustic membrane is a highly innovative soundproofing product. It is1.2mm thick it affords an average sound reduction of 22db (Rw).

Product Application

The acoustic membrane is used to upgrade the acoustic performance of any of our systems. It performs best when hanging loose in the structure but it can also be sandwiched between two layers of acoustic plasterboard. Being light weight and very flexible we believe it is an excellent upgrade material that will enhance all soundproofing jobs to which it is applied.

Product Description

The Secret behind the products performance is the introduction of what the manufacturer terms as nano-vacuums into the structure. The technology upon which the product is based is comprised of elastomeric, polymeric and vacuum technology with the use of particle size and distribution to change resonant frequencies of materials.

The acoustic membrane is it versatile light and boasts a very high performance noise reduction of up to 22dB Rw for minimal thickness when hung as a curtain and is well in excess of Part E of the Building Regulations for noise control when used in conjunction with other sound insulating materials. Remember as always, that it is important to differentiate the performance of materials when stated in isolation and when acting as part of a system. The membrane while not adding 22db to the performance of a structure will significantly improve the performance of that structure when it is incorporated into the design.


Acoustic membrane
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