Acoustic Ceiling Hangers Type C

Acoustic Ceiling Hangers Type C

Acoustic Ceiling Hangers Type C

Technical Information
Size Box of 100
Category Other Resilient/Ceiling Fixings
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Product Summary

Isosonic Acoustic Hanger Type C can be used for up-rating an existing ceiling, providing an effective resilient component. Performance wise the product has superior impact sound qualities when compared to resilient bars.

Acoustic Ceiling Hangers Type C

Isosonic Type C Acoustic Hanger

Product Application

Like resilient bars, the hanger acts as a de-coupler by means of an acoustic pad within the hanger that prevents sound transfer from one surface to another. Being about 3-4 db better performing, these Type 1 hangers are best used when keeping the existing ceiling in place. This recommended where lathe and plaster ceilings are present. The benefits are two fold, as the lathe and plaster offers good airborne soundproofing qualities, and they are very messy to pull down.

Acoustic hangers can be used where the existing ceiling is retained or where the existing ceiling has been removed. In terms of acoustic performance removing the ceiling takes away some mass and as such will diminish some of the airborne protection afforded to you

Instructions for use

Please see our ceiling section for a more in depth description of the product for an installation guide please click here

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