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Absorbalay 15   (Unit Price £)

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1.2m x 1.0m



Product Summary

The Absorbalay mat insulation can be used on both new build and refurbishment timber floors.  With an impressive height to performance ratio, it improves both airborne and impact sound performance. Can be laid under existing carpet or covered with a timber or laminate floor Flexible, easy to cut, quick and easy to install

Product Application

In a situation where you are looking for a rapid acoustic performance improvement particularly from the perspective of impact sound Absorbalay is an excellent non disruptive measure to take.
It combines the weight of the rubber exterior sandwiching in an impact absorbing foam interior. Absorbalay can be used in place of normal carpet underlay and performance wise is an equal of all other heavy acoustic mats on the market today

We, and the manufacturers would recommend combining the Absorbalay mat with AMW60 or the acoustic quilt to maximize the performance. Particularly if you are suffering from airborne sound rising from below.

Product Description

High density rubber sandwiching sponge impact absorbing core.

Notes on fitting a carpet over this product

Ideally the mat should run wall to wall with few or no gaps at the perimeter. Any gaps should be sealed ideally with acoustic mastic. This will maximise the airborne acoustic performance achievable from using the mat.
However we understand that normally carpets need to be fitted over the top.
There are a couple of options available to you.
1) If the carpet is an existing pre-stretched carpet ( i.e. it has been down for a while ) then you can refit the carpet back to the mat with double sided carpet tape, available in DIY or carpet shops.
2) If the carpet needs to be laid with gripper rods there are tow options
a) Fit the grippers to the mat with long screws such that the gripper rod stay on top of the mat, a number of slim long screws need to be used to hold the carpet gripper securely in place.
b) If this is not possible then you will need to create a raised surface around the perimeter of the room onto which to place the carpet gripper. This can be either screwing directly onto the old carpet gripper or introducing a slim 15mm batten around the perimeter of the room and running the mat right up to the batten. The grippers would then be screwed onto the batten. The carpet then fitted in the normal way.
Also see our DB board range for alternatives to rubber mats


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