London Soundproofing

Sound Insulating a London Based Property

For those who live in the London area, by this we mean within the M25 we have an experienced team of fitters who can come asses your noise problem and provide a free quote. Call us on 0208 123 9710 and we can connect you to the most suitable fitter for your location and needs.

The challenges of Urban living are numerous. However one thing you should be able to take for granted is peace within your home. Unfortunatley this is often not the case. London throws up a unique set of problems. These problems result from the existing housing stock in London. Much of London was built pre war. As such the modern noise issues were not a problem historically. With the conversion of typically victorian and Edwardian properties into flats with little consideration given to sound proofing resident sof the city are confronted with the common problem of what to do to qucikly and easily soundproof there property. Whilest we sell a great number of solutions for soundproofing at soundstop this pagen will concentrate on our three most popular and effective solutions for soundproofing a converted flat. We will look at sound proofing walls ceilings and floors with slim line effective and mess free solutions.

Soundproofing Solutions for London:

Sound insulating a party wall.
London party walls are often very porous to sound. The simple reason for this is that the pointing ( this is the cement between the bricks) is often very low quality and can have big gaps in it. This is covered with a thin layer of plaster leaving you with very little acoustic protection from your neighbours. 

We are frequently asked for a cost effective simple slim line solution that will acheive good levels of sound proofing to the party wall. We can recomend the SM20 stick on rubber solution. The beauty of this system is that it is slim line at just 45mm overall. It requires no specailist skills to fit and it will provide a very substantial improvement to the sound inuslation on your wall. 

Sound proofing a Floor
In an urban environment you are often face with nosiy neighbours belwo you. Many of the solutions that you will find on the market will offer impressive sounding performance. However it is key that you recognise that you want something which will stop airborne sound rising. You are likely to be less concerned with improving the inmpact sound that you make. We have an award winning solution which is a silica filled board. This is just15mm thick and can be laid over your exisitng floor boards. This solution is again easy to instal by any non specialist. We know of no other product as effective at reducing airborne sound rising. 

Sound proofing a Ceiling
The challenge to sound deadening a ceiling in London is often the lack of available ceiling height and the desire to keep the job as clean as possible. Removing a ceiling can be extrmemly invasive and messy. By using the highly effective Genie clip system you can minimise ceiling height loss and keep the mess to a minimum. We offer even greater space saving solutions with other variations of the Genie clip.
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